Don’t Compromise on the Best Riding Boots

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Horse riding is one such activity or a sport that has gained popularity over the years and is loved and practised in many parts of the world. There are various factors that should be taken care of while horse riding which are important for safety and protection. One such important thing is to have a good quality pair of riding boots. These boots play a crucial role while horse riding and give you the right comfort and ease which makes you love the activity more. Since men’s foot is usually larger in size as compared to women and also broad, it is important that you choose a high quality pair of boots. This is extremely necessary because in case of freak accidents where there are chances of the foot getting caught in the stirrup, leading to many hazardous situations while you are mounting the horse or vice versa. The best riding boots are the ones which rise high till the knees which in turn helps in protecting the legs from being drawn by the leather part of the saddle. These boots have a uniquely designed toe along with heels which helps the boot from slipping from the stirrup.

There are two kind of riding boots – English riding boots and western ridiImage result for best riding bootsng boots depending upon the kind of riding. The English riding includes dressage, eventing, show jumping, polo and various other forms of drill. This is where one should go ahead and choose a pair of English riding boots. On the other hand, the western riding includes reining, roping and barrel racing. In all these activities, western boots are the ones that should be chosen.You may find more information at best riding boots.

There are a number of materials involved in the manufacture of these boots. Some of them are synthetic leather and patent leather. The others can be suede, pigskin and cowhide. Different materials provide with different amount of comfort. Depending upon your need you can choose from a variety of options. The ankles and the calves are the ones which require the most comfort and safety as they are the ones in maximum use while horse riding.

Depending upon the discipline of the ride, the size of the uppers of these boots varies. These can extend till the mid calf height or rise above the knee in some cases. Heels are common amongst the western riders but with the passage of time, the English riders have also designed boots with short length heels. This is just because of the popularity of the number of horse events and other shows. The design of the boot along with the color is also an important. The English boots are usually black in color however the western ones are available in various shades of brown.